Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Garden Harvest

I injured the ring finger on my left hand.  Deus Ex Machina and I were joking about how it's never a cool story - like "I was fighting the zombie hoards and tweaked my finger!!"  Mostly it's, I'm a woman of age, and things happen.  

We believe it is a mallet finger injury - i.e. a torn tendon.  I'm certain it's not broken, and I am not in any pain.  So, that's a plus.  I just can't straighten my finger.  Ugh!

But, I have a special splint (that Deus Ex Machina 3D printed for me), which makes typing hard.

So, instead of a long post, I will share today's garden harvest:  beans, broccoli, tomatoes, and grapes.  

Two weeks ago, my granddaughter came over and we planted peas.  They're about six inches tall now.  I'm looking forward to an October harvest of peas from my garden.

What's happening in your world?


  1. I hope your finger heals up soon - you may not be feeling pain, but it sure LOOKS painful!

    Glad to see the peas are doing well; was wondering how they were doing after you mentioned it the other day!

    Our peas are doing pretty well, as are the Aerogarden lettuces. The chard, spinach, and lettuces outside are coming along rather slowly - or so it seems. I suspect I've become so accustomed to the hydroponics that I no longer have an accurate idea of their growth speed in soil! The indoor ones are ready to start harvesting from, while the others are just wee seedlings. An interesting situation and good reminder.

    Think I'll start a tray of microgreens today.

    Hoping to put our first Polyface order in soon, after dithering about it because I didn't know the area for pick up. Found a different pickup in an area I know - face palm, why didn't I think of that months ago? haha Ah well. Now I'm rotating through the things we picked up last year at the holidays to clear the freezer and restock. A lot going on these days, but I can at least do my best to make sure the guys have relatively "normal" holidays. (Which is about the food for them anyway, we've always kept things quiet on that front.)

    1. Little jelly that you get to do business with Joel Salatin.

      Fun story: I didn't meet him, but I saw him, standing three feet away from me when he was getting a book (by another author) signed. He and I were both speakers at the Mother Earth News Fair that year. He seemed very nice.

    2. I had hoped to support the farm much more since we got here, but just couldn't get the drop point figured out since so many areas here are, as another homeschool mom recently mentioned, "sketchy". We did discuss going to the farm for their tours but with the distance, dog arrangements are difficult. I'm excited to finally place an order.

      I remember that year you went and spoke! Quite the line for your CV. :D He does seem like a nice person, from all the things we've listened to and read.

      Read - that reminds me - how is the Housewifery book? Are you enjoying it? It seems to have spurred a post or two, at least.

  2. So sorry about your finger! That's cool you have a 3D printer! I hear you, I have aging hands. I had to have 2 thumb surgeries, lower thumb joint was all worn down, too many years lifting heavy book totes as a librarian I think. No there's no pain, got all my grip strength back. We're getting tomatoes finally, squash herbs and the last pears. Question, can you size your photos larger? Nice shots just a little smaller, thanks! If not no worries.

    1. Hey, Nancy - Did you want bigger pictures or smaller pictures?

      I think I can scale them differently, but I'll have to check it out.

    2. Nancy, if you're reading on computer, you should be able to click into the photos and see them larger. That's how I do it. :) I hope that helps some too!

  3. I was just wandering around FB and discovered Milking Squirrels. Not knowing what it was, I clicked around some more...and it brought me here! Bummer to hear about your finger, hope it sorts out quickly for you! Glad to see you're still out there doing All The Good Things! p.s. We just recently moved back to Maine after 3 years in NH, and I have to say I'll never leave Maine again!

    1. Yay! So glad you found me!

      My finger is fine ;). A little crooked still, but healing nicely, and I can still type and play my ukulele and do all of the stuff I have do. So, it's good :).

      Welcome back to Maine! I have to agree - not leaving is the only choice for me ;).